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Volume 26, Winter Edition 2021

Good Fortune & Blooming Bliss: The Year of the Ox
Temple Mall’s latest campaign points to a future in which tradition and technology blend seamlessly.

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Volume 25, Fall Winter Edition 2020

The Real Deal: into Milton Keynes Says, Keep It Covered
Using direct messaging and social tagging, the center asks shoppers to wear a face covering to help keep everyone safe.

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Volume 25, Summer Edition 2020

A Dynamic Digital Duo: eCapitaMall & Capita3Eats
Navigating the changing retail environment, CapitaLand launches a pair of digital platforms to increase on-site sales.

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Volume 25, Spring Edition 2020

Tik to the Tok: Quick Clips for a Quarantine Life
Pulse Advertising and MAC Cosmetics target Gen Z, channel the hashtag challenge, and diversify influencer marketing.

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Volume 24, Winter Edition 2020

Testing the Enduring Power of Positive Thinking
Selfridges’ first campaign of 2020 focuses on a simple concept and strong creative content execution to lift customers’ spirits.

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Volume 24, Fall Edition 2019

Westfield Bondi Junction: Celebrating Living Outside In
The Australian shopping center teamed up with a visual artist to fashion forest floor displays.

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Volume 24, Summer Edition 2019

Sylvia Park Reveals Its Core Values
The New Zealand center peeled back the layers to convey its focus on fashion.

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Volume 24, Spring Edition 2019

Experience the Evolution of the “Meet You There” Moment
Deviating from the norm, Cadillac Fairview establishes a new brand signature.

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Volume 23, Winter Edition 2019

Homing in on the 3Ds: Design, Décor, & DIY
Expanding the definition of home, Rhodes Waterside targets the “glocal” demographic.

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Volume 23, September/October Edition 2018

Towering over the Competition
The property and marketing evolution of Aventura Mall is an ode to culture, style, and taste.

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Volume 23, Summer Edition 2018

Let’s Go Green
Hosting a sustainability festival, Cranbourne Park achieves community leader status.

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Volume 23, Spring Edition 2018

The Big Switch
Westfield’s autumn campaign features real women in real life stepping from “mom time” to some well-deserved “me time.”

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Volume 23, January/February Edition 2018

The Gift of Gab
Telling a Story through Style, Canal Walk Shopping Centre Stays Local.

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Volume 22, Fall Edition 2017

Touch. Try. Buy.
Stylizing the fails and faults of online shopping, Simon promises the perfect fit at its brick-and-mortar stores.

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Volume 22, July/August Edition 2017

A Matter of Style
Together Yorkdale Shopping Centre and FashionCAN rack up fashion brands and sales.

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Volume 22, April/May Edition 2017

Cadillac Fairview Says Hello to Spring with a Flash of Color
Canadian developer offers shoppers both high-tech and high-touch experiences in national campaign.

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Volume 22, March Edition 2017

Klépierre’s “Let’s Play” Campaign Ranks the Rules of Retailtainment
Pure play shopping leader listens, learns, and lends a new playbook.

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Volume 21, Winter Edition 2017

Shopping Gets Steamy at Square One
Mall shows off luxe lifestyle and latest lift with leading #RelationshipGoals.

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Volume 20, October/November 2016

Simon Says: Turn Back the Clock to Update Your Closet
Global shopping center developer draws on memorable fashion throwbacks to connect past and present.

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Volume 20, August/September 2016

JLL Retail puts the human experience right at the heart of its 2016 shopping center marketing strategy.

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Volume 20, June/July 2016

“MAde For Me” Ad Takes Viewers on a 60-second Fashion Journey
Manchester Arndale brings SS16 to life through Mancunian street style.

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Volume 20, April/May 2016

The Power of Play
Enough with the search for a deeper meaning of life through fashion; Bayview Village gets real…playful.

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trendz_web_nov_2015_cover Volume 19, Winter Edition 2016

A Community Gamble
“My Town Square” campaign taps into why people show up at the Las Vegas lifestyle center’s doors.

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trendz_web_nov_2015_cover Volume 19, November 2015

Goodbye Mall, Hello Luxury Lifestyle Center
Oakridge shopping center redefines itself with a new tagline, highbrow campaign and exclusive partnership with the National Gallery of Canada.

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trendz web october 2015 cover Volume 19, October 2015

Scentre Group, Westfield Court Sassy “My Style” Generation with “Today, I Am” Fashion Campaign
Style ambassadors Kelly Osborne and Lara Worthington front the Scentre Group’s spring/summer campaign.

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2015-11-03_17h21_11 Volume 19, Winter/Spring Edition 2015

Intu Group Campaign Shows that the Color of the Year Might be Overrated
Instagram printers and handbag giveaways among UK developer’s tactics to lure shoppers into the mall.

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Volume 18, Issues 7 & 8

Centre City’s Fresh Cuts
New Zealand center’s finely scripted brand story comes to life in short film and online.

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Volume 18, Issues 5 & 6

All Eyes on The Americana at Brand
California shopping district takes up its city’s PR cause with collaborative Hello Glendale ad campaign.

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Volume 18, Issues 3 & 4

Liverpool One’s Growing Flock
UK center’s marketing team migrates further afield to attract shoppers with ad campaign starring fashionable animated Liver Birds.

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Volume 18, Issues 1 & 2

Cirque Du Soleil Casts Spell On Hillsdale Shoppers

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Volume 17, Issues 9 – 12

Broadway Finds Itself Off The Beaten Path

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Volume 17, Issues 7 & 8

Montreal Eaton Centre’s Tourism Rebirth

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Volume 17, Issues 5 & 6

VestsjællandsCentret in Black & White

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Volume 17, Issues 3 & 4

Meet You At The Summit

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Volume 17, Issues 1 & 2

A Brand Lover’s Dream

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Volume 16, Issues 11 & 12

Fairies In The Garden

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Volume 16, Issues 9 & 10

Getting Back In The Groove

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Volume 16, Issues 7 & 8

Getting In The Groove

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Volume 16, Issues 5 & 6

Celebrating Real Life

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Volume 16, Issues 3 & 4

Tool Time At Hillside

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Volume 16, Issues 1 & 2

The Wild Ones

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Volume 15, Issues 11 & 12

Dropping In On Shoppers

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September/October 2011

The Style Module

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July/August 2011

Meeting of the Fashion Minds

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June 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

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April/May 2011

The Coopetition Project

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February/March 2011

Seeking Indulgence at Castle Towers

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January 2011

Capturing the Mood

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November/December 2010

Follow that Bobcat!

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September/October 2010

Champions of Change

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July/August 2010

The “It” Factor
The new face of Square One’s “Be the One” campaign

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May/June 2010

Now Playing at Gigi’s Farmers Market
The Americana at Brand puts on an elaborate show every Saturday.

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April 2010

Marketing Through the Grapevine
Westfield Culver City uses the rumor mill to rebuild its reputation.

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March 2010

Adventures in Fashion Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland inspired the ad campaign series at The Strand Arcade in Australia

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February 2010

Retailing in the Fast Lane
Catching up with Cherry Hill Mall and its “Moving at the Speed of Fashion” ad campaign.

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January 2010

Urban Channeling
Place Montreal Trust assumes a new identity with its “My space. My place. My Montreal” advertising campaign.

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December 2009

Inner City Rising
Melbourne Central’s “Living in Melbourne” campaign celebrates the city’s best assets.

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October 2009

The Gentrification of Dufferin Mall

Undergoing an $11-million makeover was no small project for Dufferin Mall’s redevelopment crew. Now the marketing team faces just as big a task: changing public perception.

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June/July 2009

Serving up Savings

TV ad buy was among Dalton Park’s most productive marketing moves.

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May2009trendz-1 April/May 2009

At Full Throttle
Place Alexis Nihon rides into spring with an energizing cooperative promotion.

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feb:march 2009trendz February/March 2009

The New Black Classic
CBL takes advantage of road construction to court a brand new upscale clientele.

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January 2009

Mall Advocates
A community-focused advertising campaign takes Harrisburg Mall out of its isolation.

Table of Contents

December 2008

Making Headway

Sheppard Centre gives its productivity a boost with the Heads UP re-branding campaign.

Table of Contents

October/November 2008

Mall on a Mission

Mapleview Shopping Centre’s brand ambassadors catch up to the competition.

Table of Contents

August/September 2008

The Trendsetters

Two cash-strapped malls show off their eco-take on the fall fashion season.

Table of Contents

July 2008

Nothing but Net

Dufferin Mall among the newest hotspots in the bustling city of Toronto.

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May/June 2008

The Q’s Fresh Style

Alamo Quarry Market pays tribute to the past to better forge ahead.

Table of Contents

April 2008

Aventura’s True Colors

The Florida shopping center extends the life of its award-winning campaign.

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March 2008

Shoppers to the Core

Two Alberta malls find that there is more to shopping than buying goods.

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February 2008

Shopping City-Take II

Metropolis at Metrotown brings its signature mannequin ad campaign to life.

Table of Contents

January 2008

Starting Out in Style

Baneasa aims to get first dibs on shoppers’ time with fashion-forward calendar.

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December 2007

On the Chase

Le Boulevard goes after young shoppers with an interactive re-launch campaign.

Table of Contents

October/November 2007

Holding the Line

Richmond Centre handles construction disruptions with tactical ad campaign.

Table of Contents

September 2007

Branding it Forward

BCC rebounds from sales slump with a campaign focused on retailers.

Table of Contents

July/August 2007

A Fresh Start

Dufferin Mall and its shoppers share their makeover stories.

Table of Contents

June 2007

World Citizen

High fashion label Prada travels the globe in its Spring 2007 catalog.

Table of Contents

May 2007

Fashion Stop

Centre Laval puts its advertising stamp on a new metro station opening.

Table of Contents

March/April 2007

The Road to Style

Carrefour Angrignon’s spring campaign is all about shopper traffic.

Table of Contents

January/February 2007

Passion for Fashion

The Bellevue Collection assumes new visual identity for fashion event.

Table of Contents

November/December 2006

Las Vegas Revisited

Fashion Show Mall takes a new approach to marketing on the famous Strip

Table of Contents

October 2006

Cultivating Shopper Loyalty

Grossmont Center has some fun with a fresh and gardening-inspired advertising campaign.

Table of Contents

August/September 2006

Unconventional Wisdom

Phase II of Polo Park’s advertising plan focuses on keeping shoppers’ lives together.

Table of Contents

June/July 2006

Fashionable Expressions of Love

Montreal Eaton Centre focuses its campaign on fluttering hearts.

Table of Contents

May 2006

King of Prussia’s Primal Instinct

The Pennsylvania mall takes a walk on advertising’s real wild side.

Table of Contents

April 2006

Harlem Irving Plaza still HIP at 50

Like the Boomer generation, Harlem Irving Plaza is aging very slowly.

Table of Contents

March 2006

Big on Island Shopping

Woodgrove Centre honors its roots in a campaign aimed to appeal to a fragmented market.

Table of Contents

February 2006

The Full Marketing 360

Desert Passage tones down its theme side and refocuses on its shopping offer.

Table of Contents

January 2006

Downtown Divas

MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia, sought out stylish women to become local celebrities.

Table of Contents

December 2005

Bringing It All Together

Polo Park’s award-winning campaign staves off big-box developments and a revamped competing mall with colorful creative that focuses on the retail mix.

Table of Contents

November 2005

Shopping in Bellevue

Kemper Development Company launches new branding initiative in Washington State.

Table of Contents

September/October 2005

Evoking Alter Egos

Dufferin Mall inspires shoppers to stand out and release the true spirit within.

Table of Contents

August 2005

Signs of the Times

Guildford Town Centre uses universal language to communicate with families living in Surrey, British Columbia.

Table of Contents

July 2005

Going in Zara Style

Place Montreal Trust generates excitement for its redevelopment by highlighting its revamped fashion anchor tenant.

Table of Contents

June 2005

Community Focus Gives Mall the Inside Track

Lehigh Valley Mall follows a European model to solidify its position in a growing marketplace.

Table of Contents

May 2005

Diversity at Play

South Bay Galleria invites a diverse audience to picture itself shopping at the mall.

Table of Contents

April 2005

The Mall Next Door

Del Monte Center’s new ad campaign was designed to enhance community ties.

Table of Contents

March 2005

Stepping Out to Shopping City

Metropolis at Metrotown begins a new marketing life with a pared down advertising campaign that’s boldly generic.

Table of Contents

February 2005

It’s in the Name

Tysons Corner Center’s new advertising campaign focuses on brands, brands and more brands.

Table of Contents

January 2005

All Grown Up

The Macerich Triplets come into their own in a revamped “The Power of Three” ad campaign.

Table of Contents

December 2004

Marketing Workplace Survey 2004

The results are in and here is what you told us about the current state of your shopping center’s marketing workplace.

Table of Contents

November 2004

Branding Special Places

A MAXI Merit-winning branding campaign opens the doors to a world of retail opportunities.

Table of Contents

October 2004

Ala Moana’s Private Labels

The Hawaii destination speaks the language of couture to move upscale customers to shop.

Table of Contents

September 2004

Shopping in the Village

Park Royal introduces Canada’s first lifestyle shopping destination on the picturesque West Coast.

Table of Contents

August 2004

An Urban Fanfare

The Bay gives downtown Victoria a new name and upwardly mobile shoppers a new destination.

Table of Contents

July 2004

A Dose of Reality TV

CBL brings human truths to the small screen in a new advertising campaign that positions its regional shopping centers as the choice destinations for all consumers who seek variety–and plenty of it.

Table of Contents

June 2004

Little White Lies

Willowbrook Shopping Centre in Langley, BC offers consumers total absolution for all their shopping mall sins.

Table of Contents

May 2004

No Milling Around

The Mills Corp. launches two advertising campaigns to brand its landmark and 21st Century properties simultaneously without confusing its millions of mall customers.

Table of Contents

April 2004

It’s HIP to Be a Mall

Harlem Irving Plaza played on its acronym to engage in a dialog with the younger segment of its clientele through the “Look hip. Shop hip. Feel hip” ad campaign.

Table of Contents

March 2004

The Cure for the Common Mall

Old Hyde Park Village went from has-been to must-see using an advertising campaign that played up its open-air charms and enticed a brand new audience to visit.

Table of Contents

February 2004

Liking the Big Buses

Queens Center in New York gives its customers plenty of reasons to leave their vehicles at home and experience the convenience of public transportation.

Table of Contents

January 2004

Always One Step Ahead

One Pacific Place used local resources to develop a new advertising campaign that enhanced its image and as a fashion destination, but still fit its small marketing budget.

Table of Contents

December 2003

Shopping in the City

Edmonton City Center’s branding campaign focused on illustrative tales of urban shopping to reposition the Alberta property after a $30 million redevelopment.

Table of Contents

November 2003

Honey Creek’s bold moves

The Terre Haute, Indiana shopping center turned away from its traditional print advertising strategy two years ago and it has not looked back.

Table of Contents

October 2003

Visions of Plenitude

The new More Choices advertising campaign presents Simon shopping centers as the preferred destination for consumers seeking variety.

Table of Contents

September 2003

Dixie Outlet Mall’s Power Point

Ontario center presents its case to bargain hunters in plain language.

Table of Contents

August 2003

Working it to the urban beat

The Montreal Eaton Centre picks up the pace in pursuit of city shoppers.

Table of Contents

July 2003

Riding High with the HOG Posse

White Mountain Mall gives “The Cowboy State” a new place to congregate.

Table of Contents

June 2003

A “Rockwellian” Rhapsody

Dulles Town Center takes the gentry folk’s approach to mall advertising.

Table of Contents

May 2003

It’s All About the Fashion

Spring campaign reinforces Yorkdale’s position as one of Canada’s flagship centers.

Table of Contents

April 2003

Dream Shopping

King of Prussia brings its whimsical tale to life.

Table of Contents

March 2003

Ringing in a New Shopping Era

Flagship Centre in Bangor, Northern Ireland appealed to local and foreign shoppers to come experience its more modern retail mix and shopping environment.

Table of Contents

February 2003

Marketing Illumination

Montebello Town Center is capturing young adult consumers’ attention with a fashion-forward advertising campaign that brings to light its revamped merchandise mix.

Table of Contents

January 2003

A Bountiful Garden

After a decade of domination, The Gardens of the Palm Beaches tries to stave off competitors with a fresh ad campaign that celebrates the pure joy of shopping.

Table of Contents

December 2002

Going Places Fast

Guildford Town Centre’s rallying slogan left little to the imagination. Its message to consumers was clear: Go shopping at Guildford or miss out on a unique experience.

Table of Contents

November 2002

A Metropolis Gone Wild

Metropolis at Metrotown’s award-winning advertising campaign gave young urban consumers a compelling reason to flee the frightening outdoors and get in the mall.

Table of Contents

October 2002
Virtual Gateway to the World
Union Station sends its shoppers around the globe through advertising campaigns and elaborate special events, but it then takes them straight home again to shop.Table of Contents
September 2002
September 11, One Year Later
A look at how the tragic events of last year have affected shopping center marketing and management.Table of Contents
August 2002
Poetic License
Town Center Corte Madera’s artful expressions of everyday life creates an instant bond with consumers.Table of Contents
July 2002
On the Web and Made to Stick
Rosedale Center intends to turn teen surfers into loyal visitors of its Hookup website–and frequent shoppers.Table of Contents
June 2002
Television advertising gets up close and personal
Fiesta Mall and Square One are among marketers pitching familiarity to consumers.Table of Contents
May 2002
The Cheeky Side of Richmond Centre
What started as a simple phrase on a shopping bag is now a full-fledged image campaign with biting wit that consumers young and old can assimilate.Table of Contents
April 2002

A Budgeting Feat

Broadway Market crafted an advertising strategy that captured its personality and stayed within a modest budget.

Table of Contents

March 2002

Simple Selling

Northridge Fashion Center’s “Versus” campaign offers plenty of shopping options to upscale customers.

Table of Contents

February 2002

The Power of Three

Macerich breaks new ground with an advertising plan designed to promote three shopping centers in L.A.

Table of Contents

January 2002

High Style in Tinseltown

TrizecHahn’s new property wants to position itself as the force behind Hollywood’s attempted comeback.

Table of Contents

December 2001

All about L.L. Bean
Tysons Corner Center’s campaign secured its new anchor’s position in the D.C. marketplace.

November 2001

“O” for Oakridge

Just one letter that means everything to Oakridge Center.

September/October 2001

Creative outlet gets down to basics
For Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, taking risks in advertising goes without saying.

August 2001

First Impressions at FCP

First Canadian Place’s humorous “Mix Business with Pleasure” campaign has given merchants and downtown office workers alike plenty of reasons to smile.

July 2001

Embarcadero’s Proposition

The San Francisco center’s award-winning advertising campaign entices consumers to embark on a shopping, dining and entertainment adventure, guilt-free.

June 2001

A Prodigious Plan

General Growth Properties hopes to find future managers among students participating in its new GGP Prodigies internship program.

May 2001

King of Prussia Gets Real

This Pennsylvania shopping mall put the community at the center of a marketing plan that was true to one identity, but was able to reach two distinct markets effectively.

April 2001

For Your Shopping Pleasure

Cadillac Fairview’s new members-only program aims to improve the shopping experience for families at its malls and generate a few extra sales along the way.

March 2001

To Serve and Protect

As recent events refocus the spotlight on mall security, marketing directors are discovering that safety measures are as much about customer service as they are about safekeeping.

February 2001

Taxing Strategy

With sales-tax holidays gaining in popularity across the United States, mall marketing directors are discovering that with the proper planning, their centers can cash in when the taxman cashes out.

January 2001

Marketing to Women

The differences between women within the 25-to-54 category far outweigh the similarities..

December 2000

Beating the January Blues

Retailers face losing their biggest customers as the baby boomer generation gives way to a much smaller market segment: Generation X.

November 2000

Promo Peddlers

Centralized and decentralized strategies and an innovative concept called “clustering” are among the unique ways to deploy mall advertising and marketing campaigns.

October 2000

Multi-Channel Consumerism

Shopping centers and retailers are realizing that selling to a diverse audience goes beyond multicultural marketing.

September 2000
Vegas Style
Marketing directors of shopping centers can gain financial support as well as promotional ideas from these tenants.
August 2000
All in the Family
Young families still bring steady business to shopping center
July 2000
Privacy First

Black Consumers: An Evolving Market

June 2000
Wireless AdvertisingLuring Today’s Avid Male Shoppers
May 2000
Outdoor Advertising
Cultivating the outdoor environment.
April 2000

Outdoor Advertising

It can be a cost-effective medium for malls, as long as you know where to place your ads.

March 2000
Jumping through hoops for Hispanic customersIf done right, marketing geared towards Latino shoppers could bring hefty rewards for American shopping centers.
February 2000

Dealing With Dealers

Lurking competition from manufacturers and the increasing popularity of the Internet are urging franchised vehicle dealerships to do whatever it takes to reach consumers.

January 2000

The Changing Face of the Average Consumer

Asian Americans will represent the fastest-growing consumer market in the United States for the next 20 years.

December 99

Hitting the Mar k

As publishers discover new market niches to tap into, the magazine is becoming more efficient than ever as an advertising tool.

November 99

Raise Your Voice

Shopping centers may use print the most, but radio is the media vehicle that will keep you closest to your customers.

October 99

Marketing Workplace Survey

Cutting Through the Traffic

September 99

Marketing Workplace Survey

This year’s survey results are in

August 99

Interactive Game Mania

The interactive game market isn’t just for kids

July 99

Back to School 99
What’s in store for the last school year of the century

June 99

Next Stop: Boomerstown

The lucrative baby boomer market

May 99

Don’t Be Shy, Strut your Stuff

Organizing special events

April 99

Keep your Eye on the Ball

Bringing sports in your shopping center

March 99

Fishing for Tourists

Tourism programs for malls

February 99

Getting Closer
Merchant associations and promo/media funds create hybrids