Leaving the in-your-face promotion, campaign taglines, and social media play for the second half of its website opening, Bayshore Shopping Centre (Ottawa, Canada) presents familiar, family-centered scenes. Putting the ‘home’ in homepage, the center brings the season to life with rotating video clips.

Located at the top of the page, the clips show a couple on a stroll, a young woman taking her dog for a walk, and a mom/daughter team getting ready for a spring wedding. Set in the countryside and inside a cozy home, the implied stories are simple and the smiles are real. Outside of the glitz and glam of the standard photo shoot, by bringing back the basics, the group of models (turned into characters) is relatable in more than one way.

As an added bonus, visitors can click on a link in the top right corner to experience the website in two languages: English and French.

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