With the launch of Kate Spade’s touchscreen smartwatch, the luxury brand’s website was recently in full force. From top to bottom, its homepage was all watch all the time. With the help of engaging videos and visuals, the brand new collection was front-and-center for all to see and wear. As an introduction to the smartwatch, visitors could press play on a visual link to open YouTube, watch the one-minute promo video, and learn about the product. Fun, funky, and feeling unscripted, the video was shot in black and white (with the exception of the smartwatch) and featured a trio of diverse women from the entertainment industry.

With the launch now having given way to spring, everything customers might still want to know can be found in the Smartwatches 101 guide, under the Accessories tab. Scroll down and a number of selling points are revealed for each of two featured models: Touchscreen (for the rocket scientist, the brand claims) and Hybrid (or the genius). These include the ability to pick a smartwatch face option (an early favorite: the winking leading lady), a brand exclusive pop of color (to pull together the outfit of the day), and the ins and outs of all the extras (calling, scheduling, playing music, app alerts, and step counting). These latest star products lead to a full made-for-browsing roster of Kate Spade analog watches with Quick Shop links.

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