Simplifying the cart and checkout process for online shoppers, BONDS & Co. introduced the multi-brand shopping bag. Tying together its five brands—BONDS, BERLEI, Jockey, Champion, and Playtex—the Australian company allows shoppers the opportunity to make easy transitions from site to site and shop across all of its brands.

At the top right corner of each brand’s website is the tagline, “5 Brands, 1 Easy Checkout” and two icons: one for signing in and the other to add merchandise to your shopping bag. While each homepage displays a click-generated pop-up informing online visitors about the change in checkout and additional convenience, the BONDS brand site is the only one that includes a link to a brief explanation on how it works, a how-to video, and a list of related FAQ.

Available only to those living in Australia and New Zealand, the multi-brand shopping bag encourages online visitors to piece an outfit or wardrobe together with articles of clothing from five different brands; all in one easy purchase. As noted online, with the use of separate colors, blocks, and complementary icons, the process appears even more straightforward by design. The website reads:

  • Log into your accounts to access any members’ discounts
  • Click the bar at the top of each page to toggle between brands
  • Add items from each brand to your shopping bag
  • Check out to pay for all your items at once and complete your order

With everything purchased, packaged, and posted together, users can expect a hassle-free experience every step of the way. And for those interested in checking out a new-and-improved way to shop online, BONDS presents INSTA-SHOP. Located side-by-side on its homepage is a separate, can’t-miss link for each method of click and cart shopping. Right from its Instagram feed, shoppers can scroll the screen, shop the look, and “WEAR, SHARE and #SHOPBONDS.”