It’s tough to feel benevolent when you’re stressed out and worried about your own life challenges. Once you’ve had the chance to relax, reconnect with your inner self, and see the bigger picture, you might be more inclined to do a good deed like adopt a pet in need of a home. That’s at least the rationale behind an event that took place this past August 7 at MacArthur Center (Norfolk, USA).

As part of its Live 360º Studio lifestyle sessions, the center hosted the Norfolk SPCA’s kitten yoga class. No, we don’t mean that; this event was literally about kittens. Instructor, Erin Stack led participants of all abilities in a free one-hour workout while adoptable kittens roamed about the room. After the class, which was scheduled for 5pm, anyone was able to adopt the animals, paying US$50 for one or two kittens.

According to the center’s marketers, Norfolk SPCA also accepted donations on that day.