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Following the launch of its recent re-branding campaign, IPC Shopping Centre (IPC – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) released a new feature on its namesake app. Teaming up with Spotify, the popular music streaming service, it looks to transform the retail experience by offering consumer recommendations based on playlists. The Mood Menu combines science and music to match food with shoppers’ mood and answer the common question: What do I feel like eating today?

Based on a study published by Professor Robin Dando, PhD, Cornell University, and developed by the Bonsey Jaden creative agency, The Mood Menu tunes into the songs that Spotify users are listening to, identifies the “mood” of their playlists, and solves the daily dilemma. Establishing a relationship between taste and human emotion, according to the study, “our moods have the ability to inhibit or accentuate the very flavors we taste.”

Building on its brand belief of being “So Much More,” IPC addresses the need for convenience, continues to innovate the shopping experience, and embraces the technology movement within the retail industry. With the tagline, “Discover food that matches your mood” and a music-inspired logo with a utensil twist, the one-of-a-kind feature highlights the diverse range of dining options at the shopping center and implements a proprietary algorithm to determine the users’ emotional state and satisfy their appetite.

“This partnership goes to prove that music truly defines one’s mood, mindset, and taste. The ability to understand how people are feeling— not just what they’re doing—is a remarkable opportunity. It allows us as brands to connect with users in a more intimate manner, such as this instance where we are matching food to the user’s mood,” noted Ong Sea Yen, regional VP of sales, Spotify Asia, in an interview first published in Mumbrella Asia.

Relatively easy to promote and execute, the IPC shopping community finds the app feature to be relevant and connects to its purpose. To date, with over US$283,000 in PR value, The Mood Menu initiative has achieved a total of 92 mentions in the press and on social media. Currently among the country’s top 20 in the lifestyle category, IPC’s app is on track to achieve the marketing team’s target goal: To become the number-one shopping center app in Malaysia by the end of the year, with more than 10,000 downloads. Emphasizing promotions and customer-focused functionality, the team will continuously improve the app to increase downloads and drive activity.

“This means improving our mobile app to include more features in the near future, such as behavior-based loyalty programs, customer analytics, and personalized location based on promotions and rewards,” said Andrew Yeoh, IPC head of marketing, IKEA Southeast Asia.

While The Mobile Menu supports IPC’s commitment to innovation, the head of marketing comments that its focus will always be customer-centric, not technology-centric.

“All our innovation is designed to make a better everyday life for our many shoppers and visitors,” Yeoh added.

The app is now available for download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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