With its pun play, splash of color, and rotating holiday-theme headers, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre (Dublin, Ireland) has established a fun-filled online presence. From St. Patrick’s Day to Easter, the center celebrates by posting playful headers and taglines.

The introduction to its homepage recently read, “For all your Easter needs hop into Stephen Green’s Shopping Centre,” framed by a bright background, simple graphic design, and a pair of silly characters. Creating a quirky collage made up of a rainbow, hot air balloon, collection of waves, hatching chick, and jumping figure (with the head of a bunny and the body of a woman), the center captured the attention of online visitors.

Balancing snaps and stats, a roundup of interesting and center-related facts can be found at the bottom of the homepage. Scroll down to learn real-time tidbits like the number of lunches served and cups of coffee sold that day. Other website features worth noting: A link on the footer of its homepage to book parking online and a “Shopping” tab on its main menu to download floor plans for each level of the shopping center.

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