Volume 23: Winter Edition 2019 Sample

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STYLEBOP.com: It’s Now or Never

A leading online retailer for luxury womenswear, STYLEBOP.com offers the latest in on-trend apparel and accessories from more than 200 international designer brands. While its homepage stylishly and symmetrically presents editor’s picks, must-haves, sneak peaks, and what’s new, STYLEBOP.com’s main menu at the top of the page is the place to click.

By hovering over the “Sale” tab, visitors to the website can open a dropbox with three lists: specials, categories, and designers. Similar to other retail sites, shoppers can browse and buy by category (i.e. clothing, shoes, and bags) or by designer. What makes STYLEBOP. com special is its “Shop By Reduction” option. Below the heading, five sub-links group articles 30% OFF to 70% OFF.


Patagonia: Spend Time and Money Exploring

Having evolved from a small name that focused on making tools for climbers, Patagonia is not your average retail company, and neither is its website. At a glance, the site looks more like a YouTube channel than a retail experience. While a link to “Shop the Collection” can be found on the last option of its main scroll menu, visitors have to pass a link to watch the movie Takayna and a link to watch the trailer for Blue Heart, both presented by Patagonia. As noted online, its mission statement is to “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire, and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”


A Throwback to the Traditional Way to Play

Positioning the shopping center as a leader in innovative entertainment, Bawadi Mall (Abu Dhabi, UAE) transformed its floor map into an interactive board game platform to play and win. In partnership with a collection of in-center brands and tenants, the team presented LOGO’s Game to achieve exposure, generate awareness, and increase the conversation rate of participating retailers.

To play, shoppers were instructed to roll the dice, read the number, and move across the board accordingly. Marked by its logo, every space on the board represented a different retailer and a corresponding prize. A combination of Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, the customized installation was developed during a group brainstorming session and constructed to reach a specific set of objectives, namely build excitement, showcase retailer variety, and connect mall visitors with in-center tenants. After reviewing the events from 2017, the center team had also discovered that customers had responded more to those based on traditional games because new digital games were often limited to one player. Bawadi Mall added to the fun factor by inviting a professional performer to tell jokes, entertain the crowd, and create obstacles for the players.


From Eco-friendly to Eco-Gourmet

An example of sustainability commitment, the Centropolis (Laval, Canada) Eco-Gourmet Event increases audience engagement, elevates customer experience, and strengthens community relations. Inspired by the transformation of the shopping center’s spring landscaping, from flowerbeds to a vegetable garden, the initiative is an annual occurrence. In its sixth year, the one-day meet and munch remains the only event of its type in the region. Tapping into the clean and green eating market, it maintains high environmental standards to guide operational and marketing practices.