Volume 24: Spring Edition 2019 Sample

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ATC: Changing Headers and Paving Pathways

Easy to follow and with a modern twist, Alliance Town Center (Forth Worth, USA) shows online visitors it’s relevant through style, picture, and content. The top-half of the homepage reads: It All Comes Together. Strong both in font and message, the tagline spreads across four vertical panels. Simply move from one panel to the next to trigger the appearance of a different snapshot. Labeled as shop, dine, live, and work, each section includes a one-sentence summary and a link to learn more.


THE MALL AT MILLENIA: Plan Your Day & Stay

Fashionably organized, The Mall at Millenia (Orlando, USA) reveals a full and fitting website presence. Simply said, there is a lot going on. Whether reading across or scrolling down, the homepage is packed with need-to-know info and extras. Staying on the page and scrolling halfway down, readers will find a section titled “Experience The Mall at Millenia,” which consists of three sub-sections: concierge (welcome), directory (search by), and feature store (TAG Heuer). Currently, front and center, the luxury brand scores with a strategically placed visual/link combination.


Give Change to Make Change

By spreading love for the locals, Destin Commons (Destin, USA) promises to start every shopping trip on a positive note. Opposite to other spots in the city, parking at the center is not a problem. With a focus on the local community, Destin Commons’ Coins for a Cause (CFAC) program gives the proceeds from the parking meters along the center’s interior streets to charities in the area. Described online as a win-win for shoppers, the program combines community and convenience for a long list of good causes.

Considered a main component of Destin Common’s annual strategic plan, CFAC lives as its own entity on the center’s website. For every contribution, the marketing team creates a press release and organizes a check presentation. Along with blog postings and sending e-blasts, the center relies on every partner of the program to display the CFAC logo on its website (with links to the program page) and promote the initiative via social channels. In addition to generating awareness digitally, Destin Commons uses in-center (22 x 28 posters) and on-meter signage, as well as public service announcements on the property and the radio, to spread the word and inform visitors about the donation process.


Lose the Labels and Watch to Win

Showing that style has no trends, limits, or rules, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre (East Auckland, New Zealand) looked to break social labels with its “Wear It Your Way | Watch to Win” campaign. Recognizing the strengths within its retail offer to be its number of stores and quality of fashion, the center stands out from the competition by encouraging customers not to follow traditional trends. “Don’t be defined by what you wear. Define what you wear, and whatever that is, wear it your way,” its website reads.

Last fall, Sylvia Park constructed a giant in-center handbag (including a 65” television and a set of 20 cupboards), created a 30-second video clip to show fashion in an “edgy, and sometimes confrontational way,” and offered three weekends’ worth of giveaways. Topping the list of places to browse and buy, the mall planned and promoted three easy steps to engage with its audience: Visit the in-center bag, watch the video, and answer a question. Simple enough. Relating to the content, the multiple choice and randomly generated questions encouraged shoppers to stop and think about their fashion choices. If the customer answered correctly, they moved on to select a cupboard and collect a mystery envelope to learn the details of their prize. More than 20 participating retailers donated over 70 percent of the prizes in exchange for a credit on the shopping center’s website. With no spend required and a one-in-three chance of winning, customers entered to win—potentially big—and celebrate Sylvia Park’s unique style.