Volume 25: Spring 2020 Edition

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Missguided’s Online Personalization Plays

Described as a straight-talking and forward-thinking fashion brand inspired by pop culture and real life, the Missguided multi-platform brand introduces its “babes” to more than fast fashion—rapid fashion—and drops up to 1,000 brand new styles every week. Hit up the website and its homepage is split in half: The left side asking the browser to “please choose your shopping site” (with a link to 11 different regions, including UK, Europe, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; each one identified by name and flag) and the right side showcasing a line-up of four diverse women rocking chic and contemporary looks.

Each site is personalized to connect with consumers from the selected region (i.e. USA: celebrating Valentine’s Day and including a “spring break” tab on its main menu vs. Australia: celebrating Summer On and a “holiday shop” tab in its main menu). Depending on the selected region, the brand currently flips between the taglines: Nice to Meet New and A Casual Kind of Thing.

A couple of differences: The UK version (Web & app) offers a “look hot pay later with klarna” option and the change in language from click to click. Beyond the variations, each site shares a “playboy x missguided” tab on its main menu, which leads to info on the brand collaboration encouraging millennials to up their street style game and a “trend & occasion” tab that opens with the phrase, “About last night…If you remember one thing from last night…make it your outfit.” Feel free to shop party or according to day drink, date night, and/or brunch outfits. Cheeky in tone and style, Missguided is bold and beautiful.

Planting a Seed for the Future

Described as a nature company on a mission to change the way the world experiences no- and low-alcohol beverages (the so-called nolo category), Seedlip exists to solve a familiar dilemma: What to drink when you’re not drinking. As the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits brand, the company is inspired by the age-old book, The Art of Distillation by John French, which documents non-alcoholic recipes used to solve medical illnesses of the time through the combining of nature and alchemy.

Since Ben Branson founded Seedlip four years ago, as the practicing of self-care has become top-of-mind among consumers, the category thrived while competition increased. With the flip of the calendar and in time for the annual trend of Dry January, Seedlip opened 2020 with its first-ever advertising campaign, Drink to the Future. Reflecting the brand’s image and tone of voice with an inspirational call to action based on daily habits and special occasions, the team focused on looking ahead.

“[We know people are looking for a greater and more sophisticated range of drinks when it comes to non-alcoholic choices. We recognize that many people, particularly at the start of the year, make lifestyle changes and the campaign was a progressive and positive message to tap into what ‘the future’ means to the consumer],” noted Ellie Sparrow, brand and communications director – Great Britain and Europe, for Seedlip.

As a pioneer in the non-alcoholic spirit section, the launch of the above-the-line campaign allowed the company to continue leading this space and introduce more people to the name. And Rising, the London-based advertising agency, created Drink to the Future, which reached a wide audience with a media mix that spanned rail, underground, buses, billboards, and digital in London and Manchester. In addition to running across national OOH media, it generated awareness via paid social media and word of mouth. In partnership with Time Out and more than 40 bars, the team provided free Seedlip cocktails throughout the month of January to invite consumers to drink up during what is traditionally a quiet period for the hospitality industry. The campaign’s pitch: The future of socializing and drinking can be sophisticated with or without alcohol.

Considered a success, Drink to the Future introduced Seedlip to a larger national audience and received positive feedback. 

The Impact

January 2020 being its biggest month to date in terms of overall sales, Seedlip reached 3.5M+ consumers across OOH media alone.

In some cases, the team noted a 95% increase in sales in a number of its off-trade stores that implemented OOH advertising.

Due to the long-term brand building project, Seedlip experienced a significant increase in overall (and national) brand awareness.

A Splash of Mural Magic

With an opportunity to progress the public art movement in the Canadian Prairie city of Edmonton, Kingsway Mall teamed up with Trevor Peters and Annaliza Toleda of Rustic Magic International Street Mural Festival to showcase the local community’s diversity. Considered more than a retail marketing initiative, the partnership allowed the mall to raise its social capital and build a reputation as a place to experience local culture, resident and international mural artists of all genres having transformed its upper level and brought color to over 5,000 sq. ft. of space.

In 2019, the Mural Project’s main objectives included developing a lasting partnership with Rustic Magic and creating C$50,000 worth of earned traditional media related to the initiative. Looking ahead, this project will continue this year with inclusion in the annual mural map of Edmonton and further integration into the Rustic Magic International Street Mural Festival.

Taking on the roles of curators, Peters and Toledo reached out to both emerging and established artists to represent the local arts community, resonate with all types of consumers, and create a piece of temporary artwork. Although participating artists were free to propose and explore different topics and themes of interest, Kingsway Mall offered its brand cause as a source of inspiration. As marketing manager, Bo Tarasenko explained, the project resulted in an organic representation of the brand, created by local artists in their own voice. 

“[Kingsway Mall is a public space that belongs to the public, so we wanted to give community members and artists a voice and a presence in the mall. When someone walks by one of these murals, they don’t see an advertisement; we’re not imposing any kind of message on them at all. It’s an artist speaking to them, with real paint on a wall they can touch],” he said. 

Targeting families and communities outside of its primary trade area, on the south side of the city, the mall noted that it reached locally-focused community members with proud indifference towards consumerism—many of them are supporters of the public art movement and difficult to reach via traditional marketing methods. Relying on earned traditional media and organic engagement, the team primarily leaned on major media outlets as well as the followings of Rustic Magic and the individual artists to spread awareness of the Mural Project. Since Instagram is the platform of choice for many artists and entrepreneurs, the channel became the primary digital voice of the initiative. In addition to taking video footage of the artists in-action and posting teasers and time lapses, the team conducted interviews with the participants to promote both parties.

Before the start of the project, the area would have been reserved for brand photoshoots, which featured fashion and accessories. During a time when overall traffic, on the whole, is trending down, since the pop-up of the mural gallery, the number of visitors passing through the area has increased by 5%. 

“[Over the last few years, Kingsway has evolved in many ways and grown to be more than just a traditional retail destination. With a strong focus on local entrepreneurs, the mall has paved the way for many local business owners to set up or grow their first physical stores in a mall,]” Tarasenko noted.

“[With the Mural Project, we hoped to have these communities take a second look at Kingsway Mall in a way they may not have for a long time].”

The Standout Tactic

As a result of its unique indoor location, the Kingsway Mall team scheduled painting sessions to take place during the winter months, which allowed artists to extend discounted pricing to secure work during their low season and Kingsway to pay a fair wage for their work.