Volume 22: Fall 2017 Edition Sample

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Garage Offers Forever #Fun with Friends

A fun and friends-centric brand, Garage welcomes readers to the comfort zone with taglines like “All You Can Fleece” and “What the Fluff.” Titled #FUN, the retailer’s blog covers the usual with an extra level of cool. Along with copy and pictures, stickers, moving graphics (e.g., clapping hands, twinkling hearts), and Boomerang-like effects fill the page and add to its contents.


Just Me and My Dad

Vicinity Cranbourne Park, Father’s Day Event, Dads who play with Barbie @ Cranbourne Park

As part of Mattel’s international campaign, Dads Who Play Barbie, Cranbourne Park (Australia) was the first shopping center to host a theme Father’s Day event. Looking to inspire dad-and-daughter bonding time, the campaign aims to raise awareness and show the positive impact that quality time can have on a girl’s development.

“At Cranbourne Park, we pride ourselves on being family-friendly and we know and appreciate that each family is different. Families are at the center of our local community and we’re delighted to be able to support and spread the core messages of [the campaign]: father-daughter bonding, merging real and imaginary worlds, gender neutrality, and acceptance,” said Maggie Harrison, marketing manager.


White Oaks Mall Readies Students for the School Year

Supplies for Students is a year-long initiative that provides students of all ages with a promising start to the school year. With back-to-school in full force and extra effort welcome, White Oaks Mall (London, Canada) joined the campaign for its peak period. Demonstrating its community roots and strong local partnerships, the center offered to collect school supplies and backpacks to help students prepare before returning to class. Relying on shoppers to fill backpacks, the donated goods were then distributed across both the Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board.

Branding its contribution to the initiative as “All the Back-to-School Feels”, the shopping mall set up a giant backpack in-center on August 16. With fall just around the corner, shoppers were encouraged to donate school-related materials. In return, the first 200 people to do so received a grab bag of their own.


The Mall Luton Lends Helping Hands

After reaching out to the Level Trust to learn how The Mall Luton (UK) could help its community, the team discovered that the charity was looking for retail space to serve as a public connection point. Working together, the pair designed a first-floor unit.

Mall staff volunteered their time to show the shop a little love before its opening. Gathering to paint, clean, stock, and set up the store, the group transformed the vacant space into The Uniform Exchange. With helping hands from all departments, volunteers took on roles complementary to their skill set and included security officers, office workers, and maintenance and management staff members.