A bedtime essential for men, women, and children, Peter Alexander is a leading sleepwear designer brand based in Australia. The type of company that features a furry friend as a logo and replaces the ‘a’ with a heart when spelling “sale,” Peter Alexander promises comfy and cozy. Located on its homepage, just below the main menu, is a header featuring three separate links promoting the afterpay feature: buy now, pay later.

By clicking on any of the three links, browsers are introduced to the same pop-up, which reads: Show Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Over Time. A combo of easy-to-read graphics, the pop-up shows how shoppers can continue to the checkout and choose to pay with four equal payments over a six-week period. In order for the method to work, requirements can be found in the fine print: Shoppers must have an Australian payment card, be over 18 years of age, and live in Australia. One of a select number of clothing retailers to offer a payment plan, the brand connects with its customer base, acknowledges that purchasing sleepwear is a luxury, not a necessity, and ensures repeat business.

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