Common isn’t a moniker that any retail destination would readily adopt. However, QV Melbourne might have more reason to present itself online as being worlds apart from other precincts, thanks to a series of interconnected laneways that represents the quintessential Melbourne lifestyle.

Located in the CBD, this “city within a city” offers over 339,063 sq. ft. of retail space and more than 120 specialty stores, and it benefits from high population density, good access to public transport, and immediate exposure to office workers, residential consumers, students, and tourists. What’s more, as a re-development of the city’s historic Queen Victoria Women’s Hospital site, the retail destination also has a rich cultural heritage that serves as a draw to a diverse range of customers and more than 2.8 million people living within its main trade area. During the summer season, the center relies on its QV Square venue and Flick Fest program to generate awareness.

As Melbourne’s only silent cinema in the heart of the CBD, QV Outdoor Cinema transforms QV Square into an intimate open-air deckchair space that seats 80 moviegoers and serves as an affordable option for customers that’s well below the market average—each ticket costs US$8, plus US$1 as a booking fee. Delivering a tightly curated program of pre-film events, flicks, live performances, guest appearances, and food pop-ups, the program targets Melbourne’s resident shoppers (50% of QV’s base), CBD workers (25%), and students (19%). It lures them all with a mix of cult classic titles and big-screen favorites, and every screening comes with complimentary popcorn, as well as a pet-friendly environment.

This year, the QV team improved Flick Fest by introducing weekly themes and hosting special events to attract a more diverse audience and enhance consumer engagement.

“With the number of competitors now in the market, we delivered a robust events program to support our screenings and utilized PR to amplify our key messages and boost the visibility of our cinema in a cluttered market,” noted Sarah Hynes, retail marketing manager for Dexus.  Those themes: Love Week (aligned with Valentine’s Day), Oscars Week (past and present), Heroes and Villains Week, and 80s Week. Along with featuring a mix of free entertainment on opening night, the festival celebrated Tim Tam Day, International Whiskey Day, and International Women’s Day by organizing a free snack giveaway, a free cocktail promotion, and a line-up of female entertainers, respectively.