Previously known as the Leidsenhage Shopping Centre, Westfield’s Mall of the Netherlands (Leidschendam, South Holland) is scheduled to open its doors in 2020. As one of the first world-class shopping centers in the country, Mall of the Netherlands aims to re-define shopping for the age of the Internet by transforming the functional activity into a thrilling experience and unifying its offering.

Although the project completion date is months away, the center’s website is up and running. Similar to the overall design of the destination, the site is distinctly current and contemporary in style. Made up of essentially one page, the source leads with a link to learn more about the construction works, planning, and status of the project, and an invitation to scroll down to discover the place. Forgoing a main menu, the browser is expected to scroll down to learn more about the center’s design and destinations, and click the icon in the top-left corner to check out a set of maps, take a virtual tour, and review facts and figures about the environment (e.g., its catchment area, accessibility, and retail offering). Showing off a clever design component, with the action of scrolling, the section titled Destinations changes focus and shifts sideways to reveal detailed information. Continue heading down the website and experience an overview of the nice-to-know numbers regarding retail places and parking spaces. Introduced in a visually stylish way, the numbers appear one at a time in sequential form and include multiple shapes and sizes. Finish the lengthy journey with a three-minute informational video to explore the mall through a different medium.

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