Early last year, Lake Haven Shopping Centre in Australia introduced shoppers to a new and improved means of getting around. After receiving feedback from a regular customer, the center announced the implementation of a special needs trolley, available free of charge. With that move, Lake Haven successfully elevated center-customer dialog into a plan of action, proving to be serious about community outreach and its request for suggestions. With front-facing seating, padding, and a harness, the trolley can hold a maximum weight of over 150lbs. Since it lacks a front cross bar, it keeps things comfy for those sitting down.

Although supermarkets and department stores are usually responsible for this type of accommodation, Lake Haven Shopping Centre believes in the importance of meeting existing needs and providing additional service. Looking to be better informed, it followed up with the shopper who left the suggestion.

“They asked me some specific questions on what the requirements [were] for families and they let me know they were going to investigate this further and purchase one. They even asked me about the easiest way to hire it and how long I thought a session should be,” that customer noted.

Going above and beyond to find the right solution, the Lake Haven team went so far as to ask the shopper to test drive the trolley and provide feedback before releasing it to the public.