With the existence of a plus-size section in-store and online, Forever 21 is ahead of the competition in the all-inclusive brand department. A leader in the it’s-about-time movement, the company’s vision is more than the mainstream fashion focus for the skinny minny. And because women of all shapes and sizes equally deserve a young, hip, and fresh style, the main menu on the website’s homepage shows the following tabs side-by-side: women, plus size, men, and girls (with the drop-down box for each free of limitation).

A click on the “Plus Size” tab introduces shoppers to “The Babes of #F21XME” in spring’s key pieces. All of them are tagged with their social media profile and physically represent the average shopper. A short scroll down and visitors can check out Forever 21’s latest offers and choose to shop by a number of sort or filter options, including highest rating, most popular, color, and price.

These efforts are commendable. However, for all its talk of all-inclusive fashion, Forever 21 has blatantly overlooked an important consumer segment: plus-size men.

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