A fun and friends-centric brand, Garage welcomes readers to the comfort zone with taglines like “All You Can Fleece” and “What the Fluff.” Titled #FUN, the retailer’s blog covers the usual with an extra level of cool. Along with copy and pictures, stickers, moving graphics (e.g., clapping hands, twinkling hearts), and Boomerang-like effects fill the page and add to its contents.

Halfway down the homepage is the “Virtually AHH-MAZING” section. For a sneak peak at the most recent location makeover, visitors can click on the section for a 360° view. Those in on the goods have the chance to click on scattered eye, heart, arrow, gem, and cat icons that serve as links to shop the collection, watch a promo video about Garage Studio (the brand’s loyalty program) or zoom in for a better look. Scroll to the bottom and continuing with the fun + friend theme and bubblegum pink color scheme are the words: Garage Night In. Enter the giveaway online and readers have the opportunity to win an after-hours in-store party for them and their ‘squad.’

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