Launching its strategic shift from a retail-driven banner to a customer-centric brand, Reitmans’ new campaign, “Reitmans. Really,” draws on a moment of truth common to women all across Canada (and beyond). With a list to check off and little time to waste before heading out the door, women of all ages, shapes, and lifestyles wake up asking themselves one question: “What will I wear today?”


Looking to learn more, Reitmans reached out to women from coast to coast using a combination of public and personal approaches. With more than 30,000 shoppers taking part in surveys, focus groups, and shop-alongs, the retailer successfully exchanged credit card numbers for faces. By initiating conversation and building relationships, Reitmans earned social relevance and secured a relatable image. After three months of dialog, Reitmans concluded that there was a connection between looking good and feeling good. And more than that, finding the perfect outfit should come without the hanger fight or hassle.

“The new campaign provides an intimate glimpse into the morning ritual that all Canadian women struggle through. Different videos reveal the inner monologs that eventually lead to deciding how they want to present themselves for the day. Women are shown preparing for everything from a job interview to a date to a looming birthday, with pieces from Reitmans summer collection as the positive and empowering end result of the often charged fitting process,” reads the press brief.

The first stage in evolving brand position and establishing an ongoing conversation with consumers about their shopping patterns and style habits, “Reitmans. Really.” celebrates a shared experience and brings together women far-and-wide.
Headed by Valya Kruk, executive VP and chief strategy officer at the TANK agency, the campaign was a creative collaboration that involved back-and-forth with the Reitmans executive team. Breaking down the business, consumer behavior, and the brand, the retailer implemented a long-term plan centered on consumer engagement and ethnographic research.

“We wanted a deeper understanding of how women felt about their clothes, shopping experience, and Reitmans in particular. The brand platform strategy was built based on our research and consumer insights,” said Monique Brosseau, VP of marketing and visual presentation for Reitmans.

Offering shoppers a new way to start their day, Reitmans proves that there is no need to fuss in the AM.
“The closet is an emotional place; it is a reflection of our personalities and lived experiences. It is what makes it such an effective device for connecting with our customer. It is a way to communicate that we understand the daily reality of Canadian women.”

With a specific set of marketing goals, namely to connect with all Canadian women, continue serving as a preferred shopping destination, and be recognized as an iconic national brand, Reitmans’ integrated campaign consists of multiple videos, banners, and new interactive formats. Recently introduced to shoppers via online, on air, social media platforms, and in-store activities, “Reitmans. Really.” represents 288 stores across the country and works to increase both online and in-store traffic.