Pacific Fair Shopping Centre’s homepage goes on and on—in a good way. Trading a scrolling slideshow for a scrolling mouse, Pacific Fair (Broadbeach Waters, Australia), counts on a colorful visual header to draw attention and a vertical main menu to maintain engagement. Consisting of the titles, What’s On, The Pacific Fair Edit, Hear It First, and Visitors, each section of the main menu reads as an individual page. Due to creative design and a clever layout, the longer than usual homepage achieves order and continuity.

Not in the mood to scroll? No problem. For instant access to all of the goods, click on the menu icon located below the visual header and next to the search bar. Following the theme of long and lengthy, an extended vertical menu appears. Near the bottom of the list, the tab Podcast leads visitors to two friendly (and perhaps familiar) faces. Because blogs are so the year before last, Pacific Fair presents the world’s first shopping center podcast and blog, Two Girls and Nothing to Wear.

Described as a one-stop shop for what’s hot in the fashion world and everything you need to know when it comes to all of that lifestyle stuff, the combo offers readers and listeners interviews with industry experts, influential leaders, and inspirational movers and shakers. Along with a list of episode summaries and links to both blog posts and podcast episodes, the page shares with visitors how to find the series in their favorite Podcast App, like iTunes or Spotify, and where to find more fashion inspiration on Insta (@pacificfair). Don’t worry if you can’t squeeze in a listen of the weekly release, you can always catch up through video clips on the blog.

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