Described as a straight-talking and forward-thinking fashion brand inspired by pop culture and real life, the Missguided multi-platform brand introduces its “babes” to more than fast fashion—rapid fashion—and drops up to 1,000 brand new styles every week. Hit up the website and its homepage is split in half: The left side asking the browser to “please choose your shopping site” (with a link to 11 different regions, including UK, Europe, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; each one identified by name and flag) and the right side showcasing a line-up of four diverse women rocking chic and contemporary looks.

Each site is personalized to connect with consumers from the selected region (i.e. USA: celebrating Valentine’s Day and including a “spring break” tab on its main menu vs. Australia: celebrating Summer On and a “holiday shop” tab in its main menu). Depending on the selected region, the brand currently flips between the taglines: Nice to Meet New and A Casual Kind of Thing.

A couple of differences: The UK version (Web & app) offers a “look hot pay later with klarna” option and the change in language from click to click. Beyond the variations, each site shares a “playboy x missguided” tab on its main menu, which leads to info on the brand collaboration encouraging millennials to up their street style game and a “trend & occasion” tab that opens with the phrase, “About last night…If you remember one thing from last night…make it your outfit.” Feel free to shop party or according to day drink, date night, and/or brunch outfits. Cheeky in tone and style, Missguided is bold and beautiful.

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