Founded by Marcell Pustul in 2012, MARCELL VON BERLIN uniquely blends couture and modern street style. Capturing the zeitgeist of the fast-moving German capital, the fashion label uses innovative materials and exclusive textiles to create multi-faceted pieces that pair with feminine silhouettes and present the biggest and brightest stars in the entertainment industry.

With an overall visual style based on lines, squares, and rectangles, from the design of its main menu (which is a literal sidebar) to the presentation of its Instagram feed, the website is modern with a capital “M”. Also, the logo of the label. Balancing the urban setting and reflective quality of the main image, which features a diverse group of models sporting fashion-forward glasses, metallic gear, and neon details, the background and bottom of the homepage are made up of neutral tones and natural elements.

An interactive element of the site, the final homepage gallery slide consists of a pair of models and a series of scattered links appearing as tiny “M”s leading to product pages. And it is the small things that make the German/English language site stand out.

For instance, instead of a “Home” tab, the website provides a fixed vertical link of the founder’s name to return to the core of the online source. The visitor can also use a vertical line of three miniature blocks to change the position of the page. Lastly, discovering either the Coutures or Spring/Summer 20 section of the site, the browser will come across a dynamic double slideshow. Although the look, feel, and style of the collections are totally different, the background of both slideshows features the site’s signature elements: lines, shapes, and order, photographing books and bookshelves, and open lockers and floor tiles, respectively.

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