Located in California, First Street Napa is a 325,000sq.ft. mixed-use development that spans three city blocks. From shop displays and hotel rooms to rooftop patios and open spaces, its website homepage features more than half a dozen scrolling images. Resembling a lifestyle-based Instagram feed, the main image combines snapshots of shoppers, shopkeepers, bicycles, and wineries. A combination of clean creative, it’s easy to navigate with block-shaped fonts and links. Paired perfectly, the homepage displays essentially two main menus: a traditional and a non-traditional.

Serving as an introduction to downtown Napa’s $200 million makeover, First Street Napa’s site is strongly influenced by local tourism. Click on Vision, the first tab of the traditional main menu, and a drop-box appears, including the Property Highlights option. Referencing the re-development’s blend of new, renovated, and historic façades, public art program, and public market, this sub-section centers on the visitor experience.

Head back to the homepage, scroll down and click on Watch Us Transform, the first link of the non-traditional main menu. The link opens to a YouTube video of an animated fly-through showcasing how the multi-year re-development will transform the Napa Valley experience. Moving at a steady pace, the three-minute video shows a community-based virtual reality with moving cars, walking, and people talking and passing time. Throughout the video, subtitles appear to provide tidbits of information such as international brand retail, locally curated merchants, and amenities. Showing a full day of browsing and buying, the video ends with a nighttime bird’s-eye view of the region.

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