Easy to follow and with a modern twist, Alliance Town Center (Forth Worth, USA) shows online visitors it’s relevant through style, picture, and content. The top-half of the homepage reads: It All Comes Together. Strong both in font and message, the tagline spreads across four vertical panels. Simply move from one panel to the next to trigger the appearance of a different snapshot. Labeled as shop, dine, live, and work, each section includes a one-sentence summary and a link to learn more.

Below the changing headers, the homepage describes Alliance Town Center as being at the center of wellness and it provides readers with a pair of complementary visual and link combos: parks & trails and health & wellness. A fun and informative key indicates educational displays, walking and biking trails, native grasses, plants and shrubs, health and wellness programming, and family-friendly events. The overview of the community-gathering place is enhanced by information and visuals about Bluestem Park and Prairie Vista Park, like FAQs and maps.

Similar in style and structure, the health & wellness page notes the importance and convenience of embracing a health-inspired community hub. Changing up the key to show integrated hospital and wellness facilities and care for all, the shopping center is dedicated to providing people with high-quality medical options and a pathway to fitness, health, and wellness.

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