Described as a clothing company for other designers, Atacac aims to revolutionize the fashion industry and change the way those involved design, produce, present, and sell garments. As its “Different from the Outside In” tagline suggests, the fashion studio is rooted in simplicity, movement, and kinetic garment construction. Said plainly, the future is here. 

A quick glance of the homepage and it’s evident Atacac’s online presence mirrors its mission, philosophy, and forward-thinking. With a soundtrack reminiscent of the Stranger Things show and a pair of back-to-back figures passing for avatars, the site transcends art and technology. Click left to see a photo of the man and woman portrayed as rivals, experience a sharp contrast in color between black and different shades of orange, and browse the brand’s latest collection: Transitions in the Anthropocene.

Offering unlimited combinations or one capsule wardrobe, the collection features nine unique garments composed of four natural fabrics. Click right to shop the collection at, where users can create their own product, outfit, or attire thanks to Atacac’s collaborative approach, belief in open-source fashion, and Sharewear option. Sharing the pattern and 3D model of a long list of garments, Atacac gives designers and consumers the opportunity to download the goods for free.

In addition to supporting open-source fashion, the company’s implementing of digitalization, practicing of Made in Sweden, and applying of a pre-order price strategy help to reduce waste. Under the “Company” section and below the “Design” and “Sustainability” links, the tab “Price Model” clearly describes its reasons for using this strategy and compares the traditional price model to the Atacac price model via a graph.

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