Located in the same community as the City of Parramatta Art Society Inc. (CPAS), Australia’s Winston Hills Mall supports the development of artistic exploration and skills. As the longest running art society in New South Wales, CPAS aims to foster appreciation of the arts. In early April, the two teamed up again to present the Parramatta Art Society Exhibition.

The mall’s annual week-long initiative gives shoppers the opportunity to celebrate work by CPAS members, many of whom are regular shoppers. For those interested in purchasing a piece or two and learning more, all of the artwork is for sale and members of the society are on-site to meet, greet, and answer questions.

“Over the [12-plus] years, both the [CPAS] and their featured artists have grown substantially and, as a result, the exhibition has grown in size and popularity. The [local and long-term] partnership has evolved from exhibitions into workshops and information sessions for NSW Seniors Week, which is taking on a more interactive element,” explained Nicole Galea, the mall’s marketing manager.

With more and more viewers visiting the exhibition annually, the mall enjoys increased shopper traffic throughout the event. Thanks to the CPAS promoting the event to its members and the public, some visitors come from outside the mall’s regular retail catchment.

Media Mix

  • Digital: Social media posts and website listings
  • On-site: Signage indoors and LED signage in the parking lot

The Bottom Line

  • Cost per in-mall flyer: US$20
  • Social media posts and Web graphics were created and distributed free of charge
  • Equivalent of casual leasing fee and loss of potential income: US$870 + tax

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