Showing that style has no trends, limits, or rules, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre (East Auckland, New Zealand) looked to break social labels with its “Wear It Your Way | Watch to Win” campaign. Recognizing the strengths within its retail offer to be its number of stores and quality of fashion, the center stands out from the competition by encouraging customers not to follow traditional trends. “Don’t be defined by what you wear. Define what you wear, and whatever that is, wear it your way,” its website reads.

Last fall, Sylvia Park constructed a giant in-center handbag (including a 65” television and a set of 20 cupboards), created a 30-second video clip to show fashion in an “edgy, and sometimes confrontational way,” and offered three weekends’ worth of giveaways. Topping the list of places to browse and buy, the mall planned and promoted three easy steps to engage with its audience: Visit the in-center bag, watch the video, and answer a question. Simple enough. Relating to the content, the multiple choice and randomly generated questions encouraged shoppers to stop and think about their fashion choices. If the customer answered correctly, they moved on to select a cupboard and collect a mystery envelope to learn the details of their prize. More than 20 participating retailers donated over 70 percent of the prizes in exchange for a credit on the shopping center’s website. With no spend required and a one-in-three chance of winning, customers entered to win—potentially big—and celebrate Sylvia Park’s unique style.

Designed to position Sylvia Park as one of the country’s leading fashion destinations, the brand component of “Wear It Your Way | Watch to Win” aimed to raise the center’s profile.

“The media mix for this part of the campaign was twofold. The video was showcased via digital channels, social media, and cinema. The second part of the campaign featured still imagery and focused on out-of-home media in high-traffic areas like buses, billboards, commuter networks, and in-center elements,” noted Jo Allen, the mall’s marketing manager.

On the flip side, with the “Watch to Win” component of the campaign, Sylvia Park looked to achieve full engagement with in-center visitors. Ensuring that every shopper walked away with a positive experience, if customers answered incorrectly, they were entered into a second chance draw to win a NZ$1,000 (US$676) gift card.

“[Since Sylvia Park is undergoing a re-development at the moment, the core objective(s) of the in-center element was to increase dwell time and drive sales within the fashion category],” Allen explained.

Executing a multi-channel strategy, the marketing team generated awareness of “Watch to Win” and increased visitation of the in-center activity.

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