Capilano Mall might provide an exception to the marketing rule that you shouldn’t try to be everything to everybody. The North Vancouver (Canada) shopping center is very much a community destination that works just as well for families wanting a midday snack break as it does for DIYers scouring the Walmart shelves in search of tidbits to spruce up their home offices. “This & That” is the positioning statement that incapsulates the center’s branding strategy and it transfers well to visual communication with the property’s now-signature juxtaposition of images that represent different retail categories: A plate of gyozas and a set of headphones, a cool chair and a new hot-red lipstick, a blue telephone, and some funky sunglasses—you get the picture. Now the center is applying that same “we cater to all” philosophy with the brand new This & That Podcast.

Vancouver-based TV host and producer, Fiona Forbes is behind the mic for the quarterly lifestyle program whose topics will range from stylish finds and good eats to health and wellness, with the underlying goal to promote the center’s tenant stores and service providers. Educational and entertaining is what Capilano Mall hopes that listeners will think of the podcast that will feature Forbes’ interviews with local influencers and experts, beginning with nutritionist, Karlene Karst.  In this inaugural episode that highlights tenant Kin’s Farm Market, Karst is said to debunk common nutrition myths and share some healthy advice.

The This & That Podcast is accessible for free at and through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.